Medical Loans

We know that health comes first, sometimes you need to cover an unexpected medical expense urgently. MrFinan makes it easy for you, offering you the possibility to apply for any medical loans 100% online, in just a couple of clicks.


What can I finance with medical loans?

Medical loans is a type of personal loan that aims to finance all types of medical interventions. This means that with MrFinan you can find your financial help to cover: 

  • Surgery, covers any operation to treat malformations or traumatisms 
  • Medical treatments, there are many necessary medicines that require a significant amount of money
  • Physiotherapists, it may be that after the operation you need to go to rehabilitation with a professional to have a quick recovery
  • Prosthetics, high financing is needed to make a full payment
  • Oral treatment, if you need a dental prosthesis or any of your family needs braces, you can finance it with this type of credit
  • Cosmetic surgery financing is a great option if you want to undergo surgery that is not covered by your health insurance

For whatever reason you need medical loans, MrFinan will find the financial help you need, you can choose the amount and the repayment period you want. All you have to do is log on to the website and fill out a short application form. Our technology will analyse your credit information and show you the best results according to your profile in a completely personalised way.


Many advantages of getting medical loans with MrFinan

Medical loans have great advantages so you won't have any problems in the event of a medical emergency. Our goal is to help you find the financing you are looking for, and we are backed by the highest approval rates in the market: 

  •  100% online application  you can access your financing every day of the year and at any time
  • Multitude of  financial offers  adapted to your profile
  • You can expressly fill in our form and in a few minutes you will know if your request has been  analyzed
  • You can select the amount of capital up to a  maximum of $100,000  and the repayment term you want up to 84 months, totally flexible
  •  High validation rate and market acceptance 
  •  Little documentation to deliver,  which improves the speed of the loan
  •  It is an agile and secure process 

Find your medical loan at MrFinan


Documentation to apply for medical loans with MrFinan

To successfully apply for medical loans with MrFinan, you will need to provide a minimum, but necessary documentation, which corresponds to:

  • Current official identification documentation
  • An account number and proof that you are the account holder
  • You will need to show the last employment contract or pension that serves as a supporting document to repay the capital
  • In addition to providing a personal email address and a current personal telephone number

Requirements to get medical loans with MrFinan

To apply for your medical loans with MrFinan, you must meet a few requirements which are detailed below: 

  • You must be of legal age, 18 years of age or older
  • You must be a resident of the United States
  • As an applicant for financial aid, you must have a bank account in your name
  • Have a stable and regular monthly income that affirms that you will be able to meet the payment obligation derived from the acquisition of the financing

Find your medical loan at MrFinan

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