Travel Loans

Thinking about taking that trip you've always dreamed of? To be able to travel and enjoy all the places on earth is one of the greatest pleasures, but for that you need to have savings or enough money in the bank. Vacation loans are a perfect solution to this problem.


What to consider when applying for travel loans

Before travelling and applying for a loan, you should ask yourself a number of questions that will help you to know how much money to apply for vacation loans, such as: what is the standard of living in the country, what kind of currency does it have, what is the average daily expenditure, how much money do you need to spend on your vacation, what is the cost of living in the country, what is the cost of living in the country, and what is the average daily expenditure?

  • Request the estimated amount of money you will need, it should be less than 35% of your salary
  • Select the repayment term according to your financial capacity, the shorter it is, the less interest you will pay in the end
  • Acquire a credit card that has a low or zero commission to withdraw money abroad, in case you need it
  • Analyse your financial situation carefully to avoid getting into debt and enjoy your trip 
  • Expenses derived from the acquisition of the credit, pay attention to any extra costs or services linked to it
  • Select the loan with the best Annual Percentage Rate, this means the interest to be paid for the financial assistance

MrFinan is perfect if you are looking for your vacation loans, we search among financial partners and lenders to find the financing with the best possible conditions according to your profile, you are just a couple of clicks away from a 100% personalised financing!


How to apply for travel loans with MrFinan

MrFinan  is a service that aims to help users find the vacation loans they need, 100% personalised. No time wasted going to banks to acquire a loan.

We make it easy and safe, so that you get the financing you are looking for with the best market conditions according to your financial profile.

Visit our website, fill in the form with basic information, so we can get to know you and show you the financial offers for you.  Our technology works to show you, in an express way, after filling in the form, the financing that adapts to you. In record time you will be able to know all the financing available to you just by filling out our form.


Costs to be financed in a travel loan

Before applying for a travel loan, you should know that many entities only offer this type of financial offer once in a lifetime, for trips such as honeymoons or urgent trips. At MrFinan we recommend that you read the terms and conditions to avoid any surprises.

Below, we have compiled the most common reasons:

  • Transportation tickets to the destination: plane, car, boat or train
  • Meals, if included in the accommodation booked
  • Hotels or suites, includes the stay you will be staying in during your holiday
  • No matter what destination you choose, you can finance your trip to Alaska, Egypt or even a cruise in Dubai
  • Any excursions you book: swimming with dolphins or camel riding, so you can enjoy these thrilling experiences

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Advantages of travel loans with MrFinan

We offer a multitude of financing, including vacation loans, using advanced technology based on a mix of an online, aggregator-like service and a personalised service, the financing options are tailored to each application received: 

  • You will be able to acquire high financing to make the trip of your dreams come true
  • The repayment terms are flexible, you choose them
  • Fast response, with just a couple of clicks, you will get all the offers adapted to your economic profile
  • You can apply for your loan any day of the year and at any time of day
  • Wherever you are, it is a 100% online service, saving you a lot of time
  • It has one of the highest acceptance rates in the market

MrFinan offers you all the comforts and facilities so that you can acquire your financing. Our process is completely free and without obligation, so what are you waiting for to complete our form at MrFinan?


At MrFinan simple documentation to enjoy your vacation loans

The documentation required to apply for any vacation loans is as follows:

  • Identity documentation 
  • Applicant's account number and proof of ownership of the account
  • Copy of your last source of stable income, salary or pension
  • Contact telephone number and email address

Minimum requirements for a vacation loans with MrFinan

As we have explained before, at MrFinan we don't like to waste time and have adapted our process to meet the minimum requirements to apply for a vacation loan:

  • Residing in the USA
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Bank account in the applicant's name
  • Have a demonstrable fixed monthly income, which affirms that you will be able to meet the payment obligation derived from the acquisition of the financing

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