Wedding Loans

Are you thinking of getting married, but lacking the extra money to be able to celebrate your wedding as you had dreamed of? Don't worry, with the help of MrFinan you will find the perfect solution for you to celebrate the wedding of your dreams without any hassle.

We understand that this is a very expensive type of celebration, as on average it usually costs around $25,000, which is why wedding loans are the best solution.


What expenses are included in wedding loans?

Contracting  wedding loans helps to solve the problem of liquidity, but we must know that there are expenses that are not included in the benefit.  You can find out in a matter of minutes which is the financial offer that best suits your economic profile with MrFinan, fill in our form and get your financing.

The expenses included in this type of unsecured personal loan are the following:

  •  Engagement rings for the most valuable piece of jewellery you can buy
  •  Catering The average price per guest is around $200 per person
  • Invitation and gifts An expense to consider depending on what you plan to offer your guests
  •  Dream honeymoon This is usually a trip to an exclusive location, so the amount is usually high
  •  Bride's dress and groom's suit:  Prices, first hand, range from $1,000 to $3,000
  •  Vendors and professionals Musicians and photographers, floral arrangements, bridal car hire, or if you have hired a wedding planner service
  •  Additional costs Don't forget tips, taxes and last-minute additions

How to choose the best wedding loans

We know that choosing any type of wedding loans can be complicated and at MrFinan we want to simplify the process for you. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  •  Planning:  Stick to your budget, don't take out more finance than you need, although at MrFinan we offer up to $100,000
  •  Interest rates:  Compare and check the APR that the bank applies to each benefit is as low as possible, we offer loans with a range of 5,40% - 35,99%
  •  Extra expenses:  You may be asked to purchase another service in addition to your benefit
  •  Fee percentage:  Look at the small print, many banks charge some extra fees
  •  Repayment terms:  Analyse your financial situation and adjust the terms to avoid over-indebtedness, you can apply for a maximum of 7 years
  •  Transparency and security:  All the conditions and requirements of the loan should be explained, this way you will avoid many surprises

With these tips and through our platform you can find the wedding loans you need without wasting time or lengthy procedures, and it is a completely free and secure service.


Find your wedding loan at MrFinan


How to get wedding loans with MrFinan

With our platform it is very easy to order your wedding loans and acquire your financing to cover all the expenses derived from the agreement:

  • Fill in our simple online form, from wherever you are
  • Choose the amount and repayment terms, as well as various personal details, to get to know your profile
  • Our technology collects your data and with the multitude of offers from our financial partners, MrFinan displays those that match your profile
  • All the offers you will find are selected according to each profile so that they are as close as possible to each application
  • Select a fast way to acquire your wedding loans, as it can be a long and tedious process depending on where you apply

We work to help you find the financing you need to celebrate the wedding of your dreams with total flexibility and convenience. You will be able to choose between several options with the best possible conditions according to your profile.


Documentation to apply for wedding loans with MrFinan

At MrFinan we simplify the documentation as much as possible so that you can apply for wedding loans as quickly as possible:

  • Current identity documents
  • Applicant's bank account and proof of ownership
  • Copy of the last salary or pension that proves your income
  • Personal contact telephone number
  • Current email account

Requirements for wedding loans with MrFinan

As we have explained above, MrFinan is committed to simplicity and security, we offer financing through a couple of clicks from the comfort of your home, and you can apply 24 hours a day.

The requirements to apply for wedding loans are simple and will not take up much of your time:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Residing in the United States 
  • Have a bank account in the name of the person applying for financial aid
  • Demonstrate a stable monthly income

Find your wedding loan at MrFinan

Your financing in a simple and personalized way with MrFinan