Student Loans

We know how frustrating it is to want to study and not have the money you need for tuition fees, rent, books, transport, etc. For this reason, MrFinan is ideal for you to acquire your student loans and be able to study the studies you want so much. 


What can I finance with student loans?

Student loans is a personal credit whose purpose is simple, to help students pay for any study expenses. It is a type of credit intended for people between 18 and 30 years of age, generally the years of study. This type of assistance can help you carry out the education you wish to pursue:

  • University degree at the university of your dreams
  • Master's degrees both nationally and internationally
  • Financing a doctorate or any other type of higher education

In case you want to study outside your home country and have a study experience abroad, you could also apply for this personal funding. In general, student loans are intended for any type of education that needs to cover costs as long as they are for study purposes.


The characteristics of a student loan

Student loans can help many people to study as long as certain conditions and terms are met. Here are the general characteristics: 

  •  Amount:  Actually, depending on the study you want to do, this amount can vary between $100,000 and $100,000
  •  Interest Take into account the APR which, in general, ranges from 5,40% - 35,99%, although it will vary depending on your monthly repayments
  •  Linkages:  Pay attention if the bank where you apply for your loan asks you to sign up for other complementary services
  •  Late charge If there are delays in your financial aid payments, the bank may charge you extra fees.
  •  Grace period:  This is the period of time you are given before you start repaying, which can last until after graduation or after you leave college
  •  Exclusive service For a single purpose, you can only use it to pay for your studies.
  •  Rapayment terms You could more or less adhere to the usual duration of the studies, MrFinan offers up to 7 years

Once the loan is confirmed, the granted capital will reach your account as quickly as possible and in a totally secure way.


Find your student loan at MrFinan


Advantages of student loans with MrFinan

With MrFinan you can select the amount you want to get and the repayment period, we offer up to 84 months. Our technology analyses your personal information to offer you the best student loans offers according to your economic profile. Other advantages of our web service include:

  • 100% online application process, you can access 365 days a year from anywhere, without the need to travel.
  • Maximum availability: 24 hours a day
  • Simple form: in a few minutes so we can get to know you better and show you the options that fit your financial profile
  • Multitude of financial offers adapted to your profile
  • High amount for your credit, up to $100,000
  • High validation and market acceptance rate
  • No extra documentation: making it much easier and quicker to apply, without wasting time and avoiding long waits
  • Immediate response to your application, with a couple of clicks. Once you have filled in the form, offers will be displayed for you
  • Simple, fast and secure process

Documentation to acquire student loans with MrFinan

You only need to attach the following documents and you will be able to purchase your student loans.

  • Current official identification documents
  • Applicant's bank account and proof of account ownership
  • Last payslip or pension with proof of income
  • Valid contact telephone number
  • Current personal email account

Requirements to acquire student loans with MrFinan

Start your studies at any time and without worrying. If you meet these simple requirements, applying for student loans with MrFinan will be super fast:  

  • Be 18 years of age or older at the time of application
  • Reside in the United States
  • Possess a bank account in the name of the person applying for credit
  • Have a consistent and demonstrable monthly income

Find your student loan at MrFinan

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